18 April 2009

The party’s over – Part 1

The first post McBridegate poll is out.  The headline figures are:

CON 43%, LAB 26%, LDEM 21%

As Anthony Wells says:

It appears from this poll at least that Labour have suffered damage from the smear emails, but that it has been to the benefit of the Lib Dems, others (and I expect, non voters) rather than the Conservatives.

There is little surprise in this.  Soft Labour voters are always likely to switch to the LibDems initially.  What they do at election time is another matter.  My other observation is 26% is probably Labour’s hard core support, and this figure is unlikely to drop further.  If it does, Labour will be on the verge of electoral meltdown.

Wells is also reporting that there could be other polls out later.

The party for Labour is almost over.

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