03 April 2009

Mandy and Campbell become one

The Labour attack dogs are out in force.  Mandy was on Newsnight portraying Cameron as a lightweight and adding that Brown was right to focus on reviving the global economy as this was the prerequisite to helping ours.  Campbell blogs the same, although, typically, he gets rather too personal in his criticism of Cameron.

Portraying Cameron as a lightweight could be a tactical error by Labour, even if their focus groups are reporting this.  He shown time and time again that he is a substantial figure who resonates with the public mood, most recently over MPs expenses.

Labour’s strategy is becoming clear.  Not only will they attack Cameron ruthlessly, they will portray him as a novice and light on policy.  Campbell and Mandy will continue with the line that Brown is a substantial figure and only he can resolve the economic mess that we are in.

Well maybe.  Obama was elected because of his style and image, saying repeatedly that change was what America needed.  Cameron does have policies, he is just not projecting them well and when they do cut through, Brown adopts them as his own.

The point here is that Labour are testing out their post G20 strategy in a coordinated way in the hope that this line of attack will resonate and the polls move in their favour.

The next few weeks - and Labour only have a short time period before any Brown bounce fades - will determine whether Campbell and Mandy are correct.  If they are, then Cameron could well be in some difficulty.

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  1. The novice thing is a mistake.
    Already Cameron bounced Brown on it over the election of Obama. He can do it anytime he feels the need.
    Its a difficult time for the soundbite writers.
    Novice, Toff, Do Nothing negatives are not really resonating.
    Best placed,HardWorkingFamiliy, global soWleutions, positives are getting tired.
    I think the started in America was a success, as in itself, its true. But it really doesn't free Brown from blame, which is what it tries to do. But what else can they do. Try and think up somemore. Its very hard. "The party of choice?" {dreadful isn't it}

    And Cameron's boys only really need to shout 'resign you wasteful loser' to stick the charge onto him.

  2. The current thinkg at UK Polling Report is that there will be a small "Brown bounce" in the polls either next wek or the week after, but that it will quickly fade.

    With more job losses and home repossessions there is likely (some think) to be a widening of the polling lead to the mid-twenties soon after, and probably by the time of the June elections.