07 April 2009

Is Dave ready for Labour’s attack dogs to bark?

As part of Labour's attempt to change the narrative, The Guardian reported:

A series of statistics will be unleashed to try to prove that Cameron's "do-nothing" approach - he opposed last year's fiscal stimulus - would have compounded the recession.

It is not going to stop there.  Labour will portray Cameron and Osborne as ‘rich toffs’ in a poster campaign.  Add to this Labour’s attack on recent Tory announcements. 

Whether these attacks are justified is not the point.  They are going to happen and intensify, as Labour attempts to turn the spot light on the Tories and their personalities and policies.

Cameron had better be prepared for what is coming.  The Tories need to stay on message and be consistent with their announcements.  Any slip ups will be ruthlessly exploited by Labour.

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  1. Agree with all you've said in that. Good post.

  2. For me there is nothing they can say or imply that would change my mind - I loathe them without reservation and would vote for the devil himself to get rid of this lot. The last straw for me was when Dr. Kelly was driven to suicide, and the spin is so obvious now only a complete idiot would pay any attention to it.

  3. This sort of behaviour doesn't work any more - Labour have been exposed as a bunch of leechers and their ridiculous clinging to the 'class war' mentality is about 20 years out of date

    It simply doesn't wash - too many Labour MPs are professional politicians and second generation now, and it's pretty ironic when you compare the roots of Thatcher and Major to the privileged backgrounds of Blair and Brown

    anyway, if you want to deal with MPs integrity get them both out and vote independent - they are both at it and neither have an interest in tackling the system