07 April 2009

When you become the story, isn't time to go?


Jacqui Smith gave three interviews this morning and was grilled about her expenses.  She sounded very unconvincing on Today and was easy prey for John Humphrys.

The problem now is that she has become the story, and it is hardly good Labour strategy to push her onto the breakfast programmes after the further revelations on MPs’ expenses.

As Alastair Campbell once remarked, when you become the story, isn't time to go?

The same remark now applies to Jacqui Smith.

UPDATE: Today has posted listeners views

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  1. Oh let her stay, she will do wonders for all the other politcial parties.

  2. I must go and listen to her on iPlayer. Or maybe not.

  3. Did you hear the bit when she said she'd been contacted by someone in the private sector who reckoned if he'd had to have sacked all the people that claimed for porn on their company expenses he'd have sacked loads of people? Unbelievable response.

  4. She has an incredible sense of entitlement, and no sense of honour or morality beyond box ticking.