04 April 2009

Watch for the post G20 poll this Sunday


Sorry to be a bore with my weekly take on Marr’s “flagship political programme”.  I need to update my earlier post.  This Sunday his show is relegated to the 08.00 slot to accommodate Max Mosley's other pastime.  It can be assumed that the audience figures will be even lower than usual for the Labour love-in.  There is no Politics Show.

However Marr does have a treat in store.  A Tory makes an appearance and it is Ken Clarke!  Let us hope he stays on message after his last Sunday outing.  Alistair Darling also makes an appearance.

My guess is that Labour will keep it low key this weekend.  Other matters will dominate such as Jade’s funeral, the Grand National and what is likely to be a repeat performance of Kennedy’s ‘West Berlin moment’ when Obama gives his Prague speech.

The significant political news will be the poll from YouGov that is expected to come out on Sunday.  It will be interesting to see how much coverage the BBC gives this if there is sizeable Brown bounce.

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