04 April 2009

An IMF loan before the election!!!

Brown is uncharacteristically euphoric and is sipping vintage champagne in his study after the success of the G20.  Mandy joins him for a drink.

Mandy:  Prime Minister, my warm congratulations.  You were superb.  You came over wonderfully on TV at your closing press conference.  You dominated the whole occasion.

Brown:  I was very pleased.  I feel so comfortable in the international arena when my pet subject is being discussed.

Mandy:  This success provides the springboard for an election victory.  Alastair and I have already developed a strategy.  We will now start to test this out in the coming days.  Alastair will post something on his blog.

Brown: Very good.  Don't bore me with the details.  You have my complete trust.

Mandy:  There is a briefing paper in your red box.

Brown: Thanks.  There is also one on the state of the public finances.  The situation is so bad we will probably have go to the IMF for a loan.  That is why I was determined to force through the extra funds at the G20;

Mandy: When do you think this will happen?

Brown: Very soon.

Mandy: (wondering how much champagne Brown had drunk before he arrived) After the election surely!

Brown: Probably not.  We need the money and soon.  We have the budget in 3 weeks.  I have to wrong foot Cameron and deliver tax cuts.

Mandy: Is this timing sensible?

Brown: (starting to get very annoyed at Mandy’s questioning) Just start spinning that the ‘stigma’ of using such a facility has gone.  Stop questioning my judgement.  I have already briefed Stephen Timms.  Don't tell Darling, he will run off and spill the beans to Mervyn King.

Mandy: Sorry.  Whatever you say.

Mandy leaves the room and makes a call.

Mandy: Tony, sorry to ring you so late.

TB: I was expecting your call. Tell me, you have just seen Gordon and he wants to go to the IMF for a loan.

Mandy: You have spoken to him?

TB: Don't be silly.  I know Brown.  I knew he would try this on the back of the G20.

Mandy: But he wants the loan before the election!

TB: (laughing loudly) I guessed that as well.  I told you years ago he wasn't fit to be Prime Minister.  Why are you so worried, your not standing for election.  Must go. Cherie can’t stop laughing.

Mandy starts experiencing hot flushes and feels very weak.

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