06 April 2009

No action soon on MPs expenses

With revelations creeping out of the woodwork at an alarming rate, don’t expect any action soon on MPs expenses and allowances.  At lobby briefing this morning, the PMOS said:

The government was awaiting the report into the issue from standards chief Sir Christopher Kelly.

The meeting that Gordon Brown is to have with Cameron and Clegg will be a sham.  Cameron is now on holiday until after Easter, so the meeting will not take place for a while, negating any impact.  Nick Clegg will publish his own proposals this week and quite right to.

The situation is rapidly becoming out of control and is now engulfing many members of the Cabinet.  Brown misjudged the situation, thinking he could kick the matter into the long grass with another review.

If Brown is not careful this little difficultly will overwhelm his Government at a time when he is attempting to change the narrative post the G20.

Brown’s problem over MPs expenses and allowances is probably the familiar one, that he is not listening and is refusing to take advice from others who maybe able to provide a solution.  The ‘not invented here’ syndrome applies to Brown in spades.


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  1. Spot on, the man is and aways was a moron