06 April 2009

The real life story of a Labour Supporter

This post on the much criticised LabourList is a must read. 

The person talks about their personal life experience and ends with this:

I don't care that Nigel Griffiths takes a bit on the side. I do care that he lied about it, used the Palace of Westminster as a sex studio and went to court to stop us finding out. I understand that Jacqui Smith might need one TV to watch the news but I fail to understand why she should charge the taxpayer for two. I fail to see why she should charge for two washing machines because she needs them to carry out her job as an MP. When my washing machine breaks down I will either have to find someone to fix it for nothing or start washing clothes by hand. I would also request that she sends me her old bath plug because I am sure I could do something with it to re-use it in case mine ever gets broken.

I don't cost the taxpayer one penny - I support the taxpayer and as far as I can see, a decade’s long commitment to the Labour party has cost me dearly.

So Labour politicians, I throw down the gauntlet.  Tell me why I should continue my support for your Party – you have been in power for 12 years.

I hope this post will get as wide a circulation as possible.

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