12 April 2009

McBride must never return

Fraser Nelson over at the Coffee House blog has posted this:

Position McBride for quick return. Crucially, McBride is only down for a minor offence: sending "juvenile" emails. Which (as Draper keeps telling us) he did in an hour. And McBride himself has said he's gone simply to honour an old spin doctor code: when you become the story, you have to go. Sounds almost noble of him. Mark my words: McBride is the best spinner Brown has. He can be courteous, informative and immensely useful to the journalists he regards as strategically important. His skill in bridge-building with potentially hostile papers is too valuable to lose during an election campaign. He'll be back.

This young man is wrong.  McBride must never return to the Labour party spin operation.  Not officially, unofficially or in any capacity whatsoever.

If Brown does nothing else to clear up this sordid affair, he and he alone should make that very clear.

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