12 April 2009

I don’t believe a word of what Campbell has said

Alastair Campbell has just posted this on his blog:

It is not through any attempt at distancing, merely a statement of fact, to say that I barely know Mr McBride. I was vaguely aware of him being around the Treasury when I was in Number 10, and vaguely aware that he was closer to the Charlie Whelan school of strategic communications than my own. (I'm aware we tend to get lumped together in some sections, but I know the differences, even if they don't.)

In more recent times, I have been in meetings where Mr McBride has been present, but never heard him speak. I have heard his colleagues both defend him vigorously, and attack him equally forcefully.

If Campbell did not know McBride well, how could he possibly be doing his job effectively?

Interesting how Labour’s high command are already distancing themselves from McBride.

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1 comment:

  1. Funnily enough - neither do I.

    They will get him a job in a few weeks when this all dies down - probably working for the LP.