12 April 2009

Other little matters that should not be overlooked

As we are rightly swamped by ‘McBridegate’, here is what caught my eye:

The Speaker rents out second home and questions are being asked about his trip to the Gulf;

Lady Thatcher is not happy with Mr Brown;

Cameron wants to redraw the political map of Britain;

Expenses row could could hit the reshuffle*;

There could be a three-year wait for Ian Tomlinson’s death verdict;

Italy stops to mourn those who lost their lives in the earthquake;

Sixty-five MPs are claiming expenses for a second home while earning rental income from letting out a third; and finally

My beloved Spurs beat West Ham 1-0 to secure their place in the Premier League.  I hope Iain Dale noticed!

Note: *I doubt this will be a problem for Brown now!

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