12 April 2009

Damn the bloggers who beat you to it.

I am sitting here listening to the Westminster Hour and Iain Dale again.  Making good use of my time, I thought I would draft a post on the Labour spin team and that the same faces reappear time and time again.  Then I took a break and scanned my Google Reader.  Guess what?  Matthew d’Ancona has already posted on the same subject. Damn.

Oh well.  Iain gets my full attention for the umpteenth time today and I am left thinking the same as d’Ancona.  Such is life.

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  1. Do you mean literaally "dam" the bloggers? What and stop them gushing forth?

  2. Thanks. Now fixed. It has been a long day.

  3. Howard, Draper is an opportunist but we all knew that. Who would truthfully employ the man and pay him other than the labour party. What disgusts me is that his blog is funded by Unite. Is that really what union members pay for?