02 April 2009

Mandy is the key man now

After the instantaneous reactions of the G20 die away, Brown is going to take have to take stock and work out where he goes from here.  If he does get a bounce in the polls, the markets react favourably and he produces a populist budget, will the decision be taken to go for an election?

Brown has a window of about 4 weeks to make a decision about a June election.  After that it is October or the spring of next year.

How Mandy chooses to spin the G20 today and thereafter will be the key.  All the scenarios regarding the date of the election, and the arguments used to call one would have been endlessly thought through.

In the next few weeks does Brown go for the nuclear option and go for an early election?  He will depend more than ever on Mandy's judgement to make this decision after the debacle of the non-election of October 2007.

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  1. Said it before, if he goes for an early election. I reckon he'll go after the Euro Elections at the earliest.

  2. Why not a super Thursday (Euro and GE)?