02 April 2009

Frank Luntz says Cameron is getting it right

I doubt many watched the Daily Politics this lunchtime.  The focus is elsewhere.  However, it well worth viewing this clip where Andrew Neil talked to Frank Luntz, the guy that swung it for Cameron during his Newsnight focus group in 2005.

Luntz says that Cameron is right to tap into the public mood about MPs expenses.  He calls it ‘a populist revolution’ and says if Cameron is smart he will be able to get the Tories round a reform package that says if country is suffering, MPs should not be benefiting.  Luntz also says that Cameron was right not to play politics with the G20.  Note that Sir Christopher Meyer grunts in agreement.

If Luntz’s judgement is right and it usually is, then Cameron made the correct judgement yesterday on leading on expenses when he was jeered by MPs.

Note: The complete clip is well worth watching.  Luntz’s comments start about 10 mins in.

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1 comment:

  1. Foreign Office OfficialApril 3, 2009 at 3:07 PM

    I too watched that edition of the Daily Politics and listened with great interest to Frank Luntz's comments. At first, I was disappointed with Cameron's performance but on reflection I concluded that Luntz was probably correct in his observations.

    More than slightly off topic...what was that I spied sitting on top of Luntz's head?