02 April 2009

Will Brown tell the truth when the G20 ends?

What Brown should say to the press at the end of the G20.

1. It was dam lucky for me that it was the UK’s turn to chair the G20;

2. I have exploited the G20 for all it its worth, not least because of Obama’s election victory and that he would be coming to London.  I have neglected important domestic issues as I have travelled the world in a similar fashion to Tony after 9/11, in the hope and belief I will become a world statesman;

3. The vast amount of money that this summit has cost is pure waste.  There is nothing today that could not have been agreed at finance minister level.  In truth, all what is being proposed could have agreed without a single meeting taking place;

4. I have no idea if what has been agreed will work.  I will just have to wait and see.  I now have only one more throw of dice, the budget at the end of April;

5. Over the coming days I will be consulting with Mandy on whether I now go to the country on the back of this public relations success, as I know in my heart it the only possibility of me becoming an elected prime minister.  If Mandy advises that we should soldier on I will do so, although I freely admit my only chance then of an eventual election victory is if Cameron trips up, which is unlikely;

6. Finally, I must thank the British taxpayer for paying for this summit, which has served little purpose other than to try and counter the view amongst you that I am the worst prime minister since Anthony Eden.

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