09 April 2009

Bob Quick is the fall guy


A couple of questions:

Would Bob Quick have resigned just hours after his blunder if Jacqui Smith was a strong and effective Home Secretary?

Would there have been such a “loss of confidence” in Quick had he not been responsible for raiding Damian Green’s office?

A couple of observations:

Because of Quick’s blunder, the counter terrorism operation had to be be brought forward.  However, it was successfully carried out and there was no loss of life.

Caroline Flint is still in post after making a similar blunder in the same street.

So the police lose an experienced officer who, by all accounts, carries out his duties in a professional and competent way, but makes one unforced error.

How many blunders has Jacqui Smith made recently?

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1 comment:

  1. Is he really a good copper, not just a Nu Labour Stasi flunkey? I can hardly trust anyone endorsed by Ken Livingstone.

    Isn't he the one running an unlicensed taxi service from home?

    He's still on full pay, just out of the public eye. If he is at home, not working but on full police pay, and running his taxi business, surely this counts as promotion! Maybe he did it deliberately.