09 April 2009

Campbell is correct, Prescott is not lazy

Yep, I agree with Alastair Campbell that John Prescott is not lazy. Yep, I agree that Prescott should be taking things easy at his age.  Yep, I agree that with Prescott you always know what he means.

I also agree with the view that Prescott was one of the most incompetent, unsuitable, ineffective, useless, fumbling and bungling ministers ever to have held high office.

That is unfair. He did succeed in two areas not connected in carrying out his arduous duties.  Physical violence and womanising.

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  1. Oh Howard, how delightfully honest you are!

  2. The "wee wifey" got there before me - again. (I think she's a full-time blogger - who's sponsoring her? - we should be told!)

    I liked the quote on the Guido fawkes blog about Prescott which goes something like "When John stepped down as a minister he decided not to speak in the HoC as he doesn't want to speak against the Government"! Couldn't make it up, could you?

  3. Oh Ted what a compliment. Do you think I'd make money as a full-time blogger? I'm wondering if it would be more generous than my part-time job. I blog when TV is rubbish or given over to sport here. Mind you now the better weather's nearly here I shall be able to garden.

    PS If I told you my sponsor I'd have to kill you :-)