01 April 2009

Now it is MPs pensions that are bailed out rather than those who invested in Equitable Life

The ridiculous comedy show continues. Taxpayers are now being asked bail out MPs pensions to the tune of £800,000.

Under the plans unveiled by Harriet Harman, the Exchequer will increase its contribution from £12.4m to £13.2m a year. MPs will each have to pay a minimal extra of £60 a month to help fill a £51m black hole in the parliamentary pension fund.

Susie Squire, the campaign manager at the Taxpayers' Alliance, said:

Asking for more money to plug the deficit in politicians' gold-plated pensions is an utter disgrace. These pensions have been a bottomless pit for too long, and continuing to pump in taxpayers' money is no solution in the long term.

Why should taxpayers fund politicians retiring into the lap of luxury when they have seen their own pension reduced out of recognition? If MPs want such a generous pension, they must pay for it out of their own salary and not simply keep dipping into the pockets of hard-working people.

Try telling people who have pensions with Equitable Life this is fair and just.  To date nobody has received any compensation whatsoever.

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