01 April 2009

New global role for Brown to be announced by Obama


Top secret talks have been ongoing for weeks between the leaders of the world's leading powers.  Agreement was finally reached during a telephone call that Brown had with Obama whilst the President was aboard Air Force One on his way to London.  It has been rumoured that the final agreement to what is being proposed had stalled in recent days, culminating in the threat of President Nicolas Sarkozy to walk out of the G20.

In a dramatic move Obama will announce, during his joint press conference with Moses on Wednesday, that the World Bank and IMF will be combined.  The head of the new body will also become the world’s financial regulator.  The startling news is that Gordon Brown will be the Chairman and Managing Director of the new, as yet, unnamed body.

Obama will state that this new role has been created for Brown in recognition of the outstanding leadership he has shown during the world’s worst economic crisis.

As a consequence of this Brown will resign as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party as soon as the G20 ends.  Mandy has had intensive discussions with senior figures within the Labour party and trade unions since returning from Chile to ensure a smooth transition.  These discussions will continue throughout Wednesday.  A consensus has formed that Alan Johnson will become Labour leader and Prime Minister.  Alastair Campbell will return from France, where he is presently promoting his new book, to coordinate Labour’s spin operation during the transition.

It is expected that a general election will be called for the same day as the local and European elections in June.

The Queen has been informed of these discussions at all stages and is delighted that her Prime Minister will take up this new role.

Obama will urge that UK electors unite behind this decision and wish Brown the best of luck in his new role.

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