06 April 2009

Mrs Andrew Marr’s latest bombshell

Let us not concern ourselves this morning with the growing list of Cabinet members building up a property portfolio with taxpayers money.  Neither should we dwell on the fact that this issue is far too trivial to exercise the mind of Mr Brown.

Oh no.  This morning we must careful consider Mrs Marr’s latest bombshell to hit the streets.  You will recall that on 16th February, the first Monday of the last Commons recess, she set Westminster ablaze with the rumour that Brown was off to be the new ‘global financial regulator’.

Well, on the first Monday of the Easter recess she is at again, sighting her very own impeccable sources.

Dearest Jackie starts of in pedestrian fashion and then, obviously realising that the Commons is in recess, ratchets up the tempo:

….here's a prediction from a senior cabinet minister: by July we could see a stream of by-elections, as MPs who have been humiliated by details of their expense claims are forced to quit.

Tens or hundreds of thousands of claims by MPs are shortly to be released publicly. Most are unexceptional and within the rules. But according to plugged-in government sources, some are "awful, just worse than you can imagine" and likely to destroy careers.

She continues:

If I'm right and some MPs are forced out this year, then we may see damaging by-elections following what will surely be bad local and European elections for Labour.

Let us pause for thought, which is more than this commentator ever does.

Nobody, not party leaders, Mandy, or any other sane person one wishes to choose, is going to want a ‘stream of by-elections’ at this point in the electoral cycle for whatever reason, least of all on the single issue of MPs expenses.  Not in June, July or on any other randomly picked date.

Just who is this ‘senior Cabinet member’ and the ‘plugged-in’ government source?  Are they the same person, or are there two mad rumourmongers running the nations affairs?

Mrs Marr says, ‘If I'm right’.  For the sake of your credibility, I sincerely hope for you are.

The Dear Lady completes her thesis by saying:

The wind is rising, and the mob is assembling.

For whom is the wind rising and the mob assembling, if it is not for thee.

By-elections on the back of MPs expenses!  I am off to take lessons in tiddlywinks!

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