02 August 2009

Was Brown calling Sir Mike Jackson?

Stephanie Flanders, who does wonders as the BBC’s economics editor, was wheeled in to anchor the fist non-Marr Sunday morning slot of the silly season.  No, she is not in the Nick Robinson league of BBC folk that should be presenters, but she did put the awful Harman in her place

The fun started when General Sir Mike Jackson’s mobile went off at the beginning of his interview.  Thinking he had turned the phone off, he returned it to his pocket only for the device to ring again.  Failing a second time to switch the bloody thing off, and presumably realising who was calling, he threw the phone across the studio.

Well done that man.  Even retired a general knows how to do it even if our prime minister does not.

We can hopefully assume it wasn't Brown calling in the hope of putting Sir Mike off his stride.  Perish the thought!

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  1. This has caused a lot of amusement: http://davidjonesblog.com/2009/08/02/general-embarrassment/