16 August 2009

What is wrong with these pictures?

Exhibit 1

imageOur Man in the Lake District appears to be gripping on for for dear life as he boards a boat for a trip around Derwent Water.

Exhibit 2

imageWhile others are milling about Our Man in the Lake District, although smiling rather nervously, is sitting alone tightly gripping the hand rail.

Does he not like wearing his green waxed jacket?  Is he unhappy that his mobile phone is out of range?  Is he worried about what Mandy is up to in London?

No, it is none of the above.  It is clear that Our Man in the Lake District does not like boats.

The Rothschild family can relax.  The Brown family will not be joining them in Corfu anytime soon.

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  1. I think your comment on Gordon Brown embarking is a trifle sharp. He only has one eye and negotiating stairs will be difficult anyway; negotiating unstable stairs on a boat more so.

  2. I know. Not all of my posts are to be taken seriously.

  3. Is he frightened of the water? Well he can't tell how deep it is with his lack of depth perception!