17 August 2009

What has Our Man in Corfu been up to?

Now, you wouldn't turn to the FT for idle gossip or tittle-tattle, even in the month of August.  Not to spoil their thunder, press here and read all about it.

Did anything untoward go on in the House of Rothschild?  I couldn't possibly comment, but where The Great Man and the rich and famous are concerned anything is possible.

Did anybody in Scotland receive a call or two from Corfu?  Who leaked the story to the BBC?

Will this story gain traction?  We shall see.  It was in the FT, after all.

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1 comment:

  1. Mandy is chasing oil and gas. That's the only reason anyone is being nice to Libya, talking about the alleged (and probably innocent) bomber's repatriation, and pretending they gave up WMD programmes they didn't even have.