19 August 2009

A Tory MP doesn't want DC4PM

If it goes on like this, Alan Johnson will not be needed.  Brown will get back by default.

Dave needs to urgently get a grip on his party.  Brown, tucked up in Scotland, must think that turkeys have vote for an early Christmas.

UPDATE: David Hughes over at Three Line Whip is on the money about Cameron’s complacency, although he gets a few facts wrong.  The 1997 election date was May.  Also, Cameron doesn't need such a huge poll lead because the polling methodology has changed since the 90’s, as Mike Smithson as pointed out many times.

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1 comment:

  1. Cormack is a complete buffoon as is Hogg. Cameron needs to do some serious spring cleaning or these dinosaurs will do for him what Heseltine and Portillo did for Maggie and Major