31 August 2009

The autumn offensive stalls before it starts

Today is not a day for the heavy stuff.  However, planning the forthcoming week is always a good idea over any weekend, especially this being the one when Brown returns to carry out his duties on a full time basis for the last time.

So we do not miss any earth shattering events that Our Dear Leader is planning, the Telegraph publishes a useful guide to the weeks’ attractions.

You may find that the following is a little more accurate:

Tuesday – Internal meetings where Brown sets out his ‘developed-over-the-summer’ plans to wrong foot the Tories.  One question has already been submitted, “That is all very well Gordon, but how do we win the election?”

Wednesday – Backing Young Britain.  A serious issue that Brown has completely failed to address.  Expect a further airing of already announced policies.

Thursday – Another Cabinet away day, this time in the south of England.  This event will cause major inconvenience to voters in many marginal constituencies as Cabinet ministers descend on their towns and cities to make meaningless announcements.

Friday – G20 finance ministers are summoned to London for a lecture by Brown entitled, “How to implement my policies and face humiliation at the polls”.

Can we hope for the launching of one or two Exocet missiles to change the political whether in the coming weeks?  On the evidence so far, don't hold your breath.

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