21 August 2009

Let’s hear it for Liskula Cohen

imageLiskula Cohen, a fashion model, has won a court case in the US instructing Google to hand over the name of anonymous individual who defamed this pretty girl on her blog:

The ruling has divided the blogosphere, with some applauding the decision, and others fearing it could be the thin end of the wedge, setting a dangerous precedent that will enable companies, organisations and individuals to demand the unmasking of any internet commentator they take a dislike to.

There is good reasons why a blogger would wish to remain anonymous.  Nightjack being one of them.  However, there is no case for personal or threatening attacks by bloggers or people who leave comments.  We are all here to debate issues and should not resort to vitriol.  The blogosphere does itself a disservice by doing so.

Three cheers to Liskula but not to The Times, who exposed Nightjack for no reason other than to satisfy Rupert Murdoch’s desire to control any form of media outlet that he can’t get hands around.

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