16 June 2009

NightJack exposed

God knows why it should be in the public interest for NightJack to be be exposed, but the High Court think it is.  This will just prevent people from speaking out who wish to remain anonymous for all sorts of reasons.

It seems to me that the dead tree press does not much like the blogging community and would prefer that they kept a stranglehold over the news agenda.

Shame on The Times.  It’s sources will, of course, continue to remain anonymous.  No question about that.

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  1. great post. linking to it on our blog at http://fsn.typepad.com/blog

  2. The State machine will not tolerate dissenting voices that it cannot control and silence.

    It will therefore use any part of the public sector (including the courts) and any tame media 9especially as their dominance is threatened by independent voices) to make it impossible for such anon bloggers to continue to operate effectively.

    This is no great surprise — it was just a matter of time before someone was targeted in this manner; and now the precedent has been established. Welcome to the Soviet Republic of Britain!