17 June 2009

Gotcha. The Generals aim their fire at Brown

Both The Times and the Indy report that there is a certain amount of disquiet in the Armed Forces with our failed leader over the decision to hold the Iraq inquiry behind closed doors.  Subrosa has posted with quotes from the Indy. 

In The Times Lord Guthrie, former Chief of the Defence Staff, fires off his own Exocet missile at Brown:

Although the equipment is excellent now, initially and subsequently in Iraq, it was very poor, and if Gordon Brown as Chancellor had been more sympathetic, it would have kept people alive.


Meanwhile there could be further trouble for Brown over his decision on the political front:

William Hague tabled a Commons debate for next week demanding that inquiry evidence be heard in public. The Conservatives will be supported by rebelling Labour backbenchers and by Liberal Democrats, who could force another embarrassing parliamentary defeat on Mr Brown.

One to watch.

Should Lord Guthrie or Hague need any assistance could I suggest they call on a certain actress to help their cause.  Ms Lumley is feel rather left out of the action of late.

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  1. Far better post than mine Howard but then they always are. I just wonder how many will turn up for the debate. If it's anything like the last one on the dissolution of parliament it will be futile.

  2. Both of us think in similar ways, we just express it differently.

    I am not sure you are right about the debate. I have not spoken to one person who thinks Brown made the right decision. We shall see.