15 June 2009

The Iraq inquiry: A stitch up

Brown confirms that the Iraq inquiry will be held in private, will not report for 12 months, be headed by an ex-mandarin and have no representatives from political parties.  Brown also said the inquiry should not apportion blame.  With no politicians as part of the membership how can the inquiry come to a credible judgement?  The decision to go to war was political, nothing more nothing less.

I am assuming this is the same Brown who announced a week ago that:

I'm going to address my weaknesses, but also play to my strengths.

Well, he is certainly played to his strengths.  Not only has Brown completely misread the mood yet again but it is just more of the same from our failed leader. 

Not flash. Just Gordon.

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  1. Agreed. White-wash. Join in the fight-back here, as a poster or author...


  2. I think a day of headlines followed certain obscurity is exactly what the administration wanted through all this. It's the public's job to remind these guys just how good a memory it has, regardless of whether they choose to remind us or not.