10 June 2009

Tom Watson is still doing Brown’s bidding

Tom Watson, former Brown dirty tricks man, may have ‘officially’ left office but life appears to go on as normal in his world.  PR Week has captured this Twitter exchange with the editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, following the paper’s editorial when they called for Brown to stand down:

Rusbridger tweeted: ‘Daily Mail obsessed with idea of Guardian "putsch" (in collusion with BBC?). A question of media ethics, apparently.’

Watson, a close aide of Gordon Brown, immediately tweeted back: ‘The Daily Mail are not the only people concerned. Many colleagues think you should report the news not make it.’

Rusbridger: responded: ‘Er, so newspapers should stop writing editorials? Hmmm

Moments later, Watson hit back: ‘Of course not but you have a unique status on the centre left. Why irritate your loyalists without allowing all sides a say?’

Rusbridger continued to defend his paper, saying: ‘So you didn't read Freedland or Milne or Bunting or McDonnell or Blunkett - all saying (in the Guardian) Brown should stay?’

Watson responded: ‘The only thing you haven't done is publish his obituary. Be under no illusion that Labour readers think you have gone OTT.’

Nothing will change in the bunker, and if the Tories continue to play into Brown’s hands is there any reason why they should?

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