14 June 2009

What have these ministers done to deserve this?

As part of new ‘I'm listening’ strategy, Brown has decided to inflict misery on a select group of ministers.  Seven hand picked Cabinet members will join Moses every Monday to plot the government's future strategy.

The seven are, Lord Mandelson, Mr Balls, Mr Johnson, David Miliband, Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, Harriet Harman, the deputy Labour leader, and Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary.

As the Telegraph reports, three of Brown’s most trusted allies, Douglas Alexander, Ed Miliband and Nick Brown, are excluded.

Another sign of Brown’s weakened position.  In truth, the future direction of the Government will not be taken by this group, but by Brown, Mandy and Balls.  All the Monday gathering will do is align any challengers with the strategy that has already been decided. 

Just more of the same from Brown.

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