10 June 2009

Mike Smithson’s thoughts of the day

Like most people hooked on politics and politicians (not necessarily the same thing) I am a keen reader of Political Betting, Mike Smithson’s excellent blog.  Today he has two posts that are rather odd.  Firstly, this morning he wondered if Brown would use his statement today to name the date of the general election.  Secondly, at lunchtime he is wondering whether Brown was being rather cynical in proposing to change the 30 year rule to 20 years.

Several points.  One, Brown would not be so foolish to name the date so far in advance.  Not even he knows when the economy will show real signs of recovery.  Second, now Brown thinks his position is more or less secure, he will want to get his constitutional reforms through before calling an election.  He is probably deluding himself that this will be his legacy.  Thirdly, Brown announced that the Cabinet papers would be excluded from the changes to the 30 year rule, so I doubt there was a political motive.

Perhaps Mike, like me, is rather deflated that Brown is still there.

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