28 June 2009

‘Building Britain's Future’ on U-turns

Brown’s U-turns are going to come thick and fast in the weeks to come.

Exhibit 1: Brown will announce that cancer patients will be provided with private treatment if none is available on the NHS.

Exhibit 2: The replacement for the Trident nuclear deterrent is under review and cuts may well be on the way.

Exhibit 3: Watch for the part sell-off of the Royal Mail to be dumped in the coming days.  The 2nd reading of the Bill in the Commons has yet to be announced.

Expect more crowd pleasing initiatives from Brown in the hope that the polls will turn.  There is little evidence that they will with the latest putting the Tories back up to 40%.

‘Building Britain's Future’ should be renamed ‘Brown’s Desperate U-Turns’.

If proof were need that the Labour has run out of ideas, the Institute for Public Policy Research will carry out it’s own U-turn on Monday and declare the New Labour project “dead”.

Brown is running out of time, ideas and options.  More importantly, who is listening and believing in what he says.

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1 comment:

  1. Your last paragraph says it all Howard. Answer - very few.