29 June 2009

Brown is cutting public services

On the day that Brown launches his last gasp panic re-launch, ‘Building Britain’s Future’, there is now proof that public expenditure cuts are already underway.  The Times reports:

Police forces must cut spending by £480 million this year, prompting fears that officer numbers may fall when increasing unemployment could bring a surge in crime.

The Metropolitan Police, the largest force, is planning cuts of £366 million over the next three years despite having to prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games. Staff costs account for three quarters of the Met’s annual budget and it has not ruled out a reduction in officer numbers.

Andy Hayman, the former Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police comments:

It is hard to see how chief constables can make further savings in their budgets without cutting officer numbers. Continuing to say that shrinking budgets are down to achieving “efficiency targets” is a claim that lacks credibility. We are now talking about real cutbacks that will affect policing at the worst possible time.

You won’t hear anything about this today, but just remember Brown’s hollow words about Labour’s investment against Tory cuts as he splashes money around, when in reality there is none.

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