12 June 2009

Now Blears caves in

Hazel Blears, after resigning and slamming Brown over his YouTube moment, now has regrets:

She said she had thought as Jacqui Smith and Beverly Hughes had announced they would stand down, she could do so without sparking a "huge firestorm".

"In the end, that judgement was wrong," she told the Manchester Evening News.

She also said she regretted mocking the PM's YouTube video and wearing a badge saying "rocking the boat" as she quit.

She said the decision to wear the "rocking the boat" brooch as she headed back to her constituency after her resignation came after four weeks of intense media pressure over her expenses claims, which she said had affected her and her family.

There was no plot. I had no idea James [Purnell] was going.

I genuinely thought I could go without it sparking off this huge firestorm. In hindsight that judgement was wrong. I should have waited until after the election. The effect on the party is something I will live with for ever.

So, no ‘Geoffrey Howe moment’ from her either.  Just what has been going on inside the PLP?  Perhaps will never know.  I put this down to more evidence that the Labour party is now resigned to uniting around Brown and all future attempts at a plot are off.

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