30 June 2009

No October election then

The BBC reports that the Norwich North by-election will be held on 23rd July, after the Commons rises for the Summer, with the writ being moved today.  If the recent poll findings mean anything Labour has already lost the seat.

One matter remaining is when the by-election will be held in Glasgow North East, Michael Martin's old seat.  Subrosa left a comment on my earlier post that this may be held on 27th August.  I wonder if there are any further rumours?

As discussed the chosen dates probably rule out an early election being called in October, which now means we have nine wonderful months of failed Brown’s tactics, re-launches and dividing lines to come.

No, I do not consider there will be another plot to to unseat Brown.  Mandy will put a stop to all that.  The Spin Master is now firmly embedded with Brown, as was demonstrated yesterday and by Peter Riddell’s article in The Times.

UPDATE: According to the Daily Record the by-election in Glasgow North East will not be held until November.  The Labour party have ruled out the Summer and writ can only be moved when Parliament is sitting, making November the earliest date.

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