20 June 2009

Cameron and Blair: The new deal

Peter Oborne deals with the Tory splits on Europe and then he gets on to the matter of Blair, Cameron and the EU presidency:

Cameron has been silent on the Blair candidacy. Many Conservatives fear that this is because a deeply cynical deal has been struck.

It works like this: Cameron has pledged to do nothing that would damage Blair's chances; while Blair himself has agreed not to speak out and join the Labour campaign to prevent Cameron getting into Downing Street. This remarkable non-aggression pact has advantages for both sides.

Cameron strategists-believe that Labour has a better chance of recovery if Blair comes out and supports his embattled successor. Instead, they want to keep him out of the fray and see Brown struggle on  -  and lose  -  on his own.

As for Blair, he is acutely aware that his chances of becoming European President would be torpedoed if David Cameron, seen by all European leaders as the next British prime minister, sent out strong signals that his presidency would be unacceptable to a Tory government.

Fanciful stuff, especially as Brown has ready indicated that he would back Blair for the job.  In reality, if Mandy needs Blair to support Brown at the election, then that is exactly what will happen.

Perhaps The Times would like like to flush out the anonymous source of this particular theory rather than waste time on the harmless Nightjack.

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