11 June 2009

For Mandy, is it power or a game?

Matthew d’Ancona has a devastating piece in the Spectator following Labour's failure to unseat Brown.  It is well worth a read.  This stood out for me:

Ah, Lord Mandelson. Who would have thought it? It seems only yesterday that he was berating me at a dinner party for not doing enough to support David Cameron against Gordon Brown. I recall, too, a very agreeable lunch à deux at the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels in 2006 when he told me that he doubted he would return to government because the ‘Gordonistas’ would never allow it. Now, three years on, he has not only returned to government but practically runs it. And he need not worry about the ‘Gordonistas’ — not even Ed Balls — since Gordon himself scarcely has a cup of tea these days without first asking Peter’s opinion.

Indeed so.  Mandy does run the Government.  Just as significant are his views on Cameron.  Presumably they haven't changed.  Is it all just a game for the old maestro or does he just like being a centre of power, knowing the game has been up since Blair went?

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