29 June 2009

Building Britain’s future: Mandy and Dave steal the show

Brown rattled off his speech so quickly that I thought at one stage he was going to swallow his tongue.  He was obviously keen to rush back to the comfort the bunker and watch the tennis.  He just treats people with contempt as rushes through his re-worked announcements, using borrowed money, in the hope that no one will pick on the details.

This re-launch was nothing to do with Britain's future but all to do with shoring up the Labour vote and securing Brown’s position.

As discussed earlier, Mandy had already stolen the show with his announcements on Royal Mail and the spending review.  After all the hype over the weekend, perhaps it will be what Cameron said at his press conference that will be remembered:

There is thread of dishonestly running through this premiership.

Indeed there is. Dishonestly over public expenditure and with so much else that Brown’s gets his hands on.  He can’t even organise an inquiry without cocking the whole thing up.

After today, there will be many more re-launches before the sands of time run out for Our Dear leader.

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