28 June 2009

Balls tells half truths over speaking to McBride


McBride is alive and kicking and still in contact with his best mate Ed Balls.  The Observer has this:

The children's secretary, a long-term friend of the former Treasury aide and one of Gordon Brown's closest allies, is thought to have relied heavily on McBride's advice in the past. Some senior ministers who believe they were briefed against by McBride suspect him of attacking rivals to build up Balls's leadership credentials. Asked whether he had been in contact with Labour's most notorious pariah, Balls confirmed that he had, but suggested it was purely social: "I certainly wished him a happy birthday. As I said [when he resigned], Damian did a very stupid thing, he's paid a very heavy price, but we all get on with our jobs."

Only wished him happy birthday!  Well he would say that.  The Scotland on Sunday has already reported that McBride is back in the fold and the subject of his return has been raised at PMQs.

And we all thought Brown would change his ways.  Some hope.

Not flash.  Just plain stupid Gordon.

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