14 June 2009

Gordon is going to love this – Part 2

Sunday is obviously not Ken Clarke’s best day when it comes to appearing in front of the cameras.  Back in March he got into rather a muddle about the Tories tax policy, now he has mudded the waters over Europe.  He said this on the Politics Show:

If the Irish referendum endorses the Treaty and ratification comes into effect then our settled policy is quite clear: that the Treaty will not be reopened.

Oh dear.  This is not what Cameron and Hague have been saying.  Far from it.  Hague suggested recently that a referendum would be held no matter what the Irish decided.

Cameron is going to have to get his various spokesman on message.  There has been too much loose talk this week, firstly by Lansley and now by Clarke.

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1 comment:

  1. This has actually made me very angry. If he has let the cat out of the bag then the Conservatives will lose alot of the support that they have gained recently. Essentially, it makes Cameron no better than Brown, a liar!

    Cameron has to clarify his position once and for all (the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the bloody truth) and tell those pro-europeans to get with the programme or leave the conservative party.