17 June 2009

Eric Pickles and his little noticed comment

Eric Pickles’s comments on the BNP yesterday righty received wide attention.  What wasn't widely reported were his thoughts on the possibility of an October election:

He also said he believed there could be an October general election.

He still thought the most likely date was May next year but he said Labour could force Mr Brown out before then and go to the country early.

Either that, he argued, or Mr Brown could use Labour's autumn conference to announce a poll.

Another non-coup there won’t be, but as I have discussed there is a real possibility that Brown will go early if the polls start to move in Labour's favour.  The other point to make is that the Labour party conference is in late September this year.  If Brown was to call an election he would probably do so before the conference, allowing for an election in early or mid October rather than the end of the month.

Not even tactical Brown would go the Palace to seek a dissolution between the Labour and Tory conferences. Hmmm. May be he would.

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