23 June 2009

Give Bercow a chance

Reading the press this morning it would seem that Bercow is a dead man walking before he has even decided to wear the Speaker’s wig.  Both Tory Bear and Rachel Sylvester give their views and Paul Linford’s comments are worth noting.

Let us give Bercow his chance, let him find his feet and prove that he can bring reform to the Commons and stand up to the executive.  He can make a start at PMQs by dealing head on with the Labour planted questions and insisting Brown gives straight answers.

To rephrase the question that R A Butler was once famously asked about his prime minister:

Would you say that this is the best Speaker we have? Answer: Yes.

If Bercow doesn't prove himself there is a simple mechanism for the removing him after the election, when a sitting Speaker has to seek re-election.

It is everyone's interests, no matter what was behind his election, that he is given the opportunity and backing of all MPs to succeed.

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