13 June 2009

Miliband: I did think of resigning


Following his interview with Today earlier this week, Miliband has given an interview to the Guardian where he says that he did consider resigning on the night of the local and European elections:

I'd made my decision on Thursday. Sometimes you can make your decisions with great planning and calculation and sometimes you have to make them rather more quickly. James made his decision in good faith, I made my decision in good faith … we all have to live with our decisions.

And he doesn't sound that confident about winning the general election:

It could not be more urgent that there is a maximum of 11 months until the next general election, that we got 15% of the vote nationally [last week], that we came second in Wales and that one in 20 people voted for us. If that does not electric shock us out of our ministerial chairs to think: 'By God, we have got the fight of our life on our hands because whatever the Tories are they certainly don't deserve a landslide' – then nothing will.

As I have discussed, he can say what he wants knowing that he can’t be sacked.  However, he is admitting that Brown now will not be overthrown, the party has made it’s decision and they will have to live with consequences.

Milband is also locked in.  He will lose what credibility he has left if he resigns at a future date.  Move evidence that Brown is safe unless he goes voluntarily, which is highly unlikely.

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