09 June 2009

Miliband: all fired up for nothing

David Miliband, now free of worries about the leadership and of being moved or sacked, rid himself of his frustration on Today:

I want that 90% of listeners to know that my generation in the Labour party will not throw away the privilege of government. We cannot let Conservative politics in without a fight.

But you did last night young man.

A week in government is worth a year in opposition. It’s not about one faction in the Labour party or another faction.

Pull the other one.

The Labour Party does not want a new leader, there is no vacancy, there is no challenger. The leading contender, Alan Johnson, is backing the Prime Minister to the hilt. So that is that.

The Labour party does want a new leader.  It is just that Miliband and his colleagues have no courage.

What a pity he didn't have the guts to speak out before today.

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