09 June 2009

The dream is over. The Labour party remains the same. Normal service is resumed

imageHow Brown and Mandy must have laughed out loud when the crisp early edition of Indy was delivered to Downing Street last night.  They must have thought that paper had published a back edition in error.  No doubt they had a chuckle rather rush to their computer screens to read Anthony Wells’s analysis.

In truth, Brown and Mandy have played a blinder over the last few days.  Not only did Mandy hit Marr for six on Sunday, but 350 Labour MPs were scattered around Committee Room 14 last night, rather like mobile phones are in Downing Street when Brown feels like letting his hair down.

It as if the events of the last few days have been erased from recent Labour party history, as Brown is allowed to carry on regardless until the next botched coup.  Forgotten are the 5 Cabinet resignations, the worst election results for 100 years, Labour’s failure to get it’s vote out, allowing the BNP to win two seats.  Forgotten also is Prescott's dire warning about Labour's campaign, how Brown treated HMQ, the booing in Normandy and our leader’s wonderful Obama beach moment.

Perhaps if the PLP meeting had not been orchestrated by the whips, the warm up to Brown’s ‘speech of a lifetime’ could have been a rerun of Gordon’s YouTube moments.

There are 12 more months of Brown being ridiculed to come.

The Labour party are out of their tiny Chinese minds.

All this doesn't matter.  What does matter to Brown and Mandy is that they know that the majority of the Cabinet and Labour MPs that want him out haven't got a clue.  Just imagine if Blair had presided over the events of the last few days, Brown would have lynched him within hours.

So, we move on to the Autumn and onto Part 2 of the attempted coup.  The only problem is this gives Brown and Mandy four months to plan and scheme on how they will deal with the next cock up by the plotters.

What Gaitskell would have thought, if he had the privilege to witness the goings on of the last few days, one can only imagine.  His famous words, ‘We will fight, fight and fight again to save the party we love’, just wouldn't be understood by the present day Labour party.

Still, us watchers enjoyed the whole spectacle.  What fun it all was.  I am rather a traditionalist when it comes to elections (no disrespect to Iain Dale and Hopi Sen) and look to a Dimbleby to guide me through the results as they unfold.  Old David gave a masterful performance, just as Brown and Mandy have over the last few days.  I guess all three will still be in situ at the next general election.

We now return to normal service.  Tactical short-term thinking Gordon carries on with his ill thought initiatives and dividing lines, whilst bullying and discrediting friend and foe along the way.  And let us not forget about his total inability to communicate to us voters.  Brown will not change nor will the Labour party.  The cowards will return to their natural berth of opposition after the spasm of the Blair years and those of the non-elected Brown.

A plot in the Autumn?  A plot in the Autumn, my arse.

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