09 June 2009

Will Brown go voluntarily?

There has been much chatter today about this line in Steve Richard’s piece in the Indy:

If he makes no headway in the polls between now and then, he will not lead Labour in to the next election and, I suspect, would not try to do so.

I am not convinced that Brown would go on his own accord.  It is not in his nature.  All prime ministers want a mandate - that was what the October 2007 episode was about.  I once heard Callaghan say that his biggest regret was that he was never an elected prime minister.  A health reason could be found but it would have to be very convincing.  My guess is that there will be a small movement in the polls over the Summer.  Brown will only want to fight one election.  Unless the plotters get themselves organised (some hope) he will get his wish.

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