23 June 2009

The big worry for Brown

There has been little movement in the polls since the European and local elections and this is confirmed by the new MORI poll:

CON 38%(-1), LAB 21%(-4), LDEM 19%(nc)

Anthony Wells notes:

Perhaps more interestingly, significantly more people (41%) said they thought the economy would get better over the next twelve months- the highest figure MORI have recorded in 12 years.

We need more evidence, but Brown and Mandy should be very concerned about these findings.  Labour are getting little credit as voters become more optimistic about economy.  Brown’s last stand on Tory cuts against Labour investment is not resonating with the electorate.

Note: As Brown demonstrated on his BBC lunchtime interview, he is becoming increasingly delusional about MPs expenses, believing the electorate will give him thanks for sorting the mess out.

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