29 June 2009

An admission that Mandy was wrong

At the Lobby briefing, the Prime Minister's spokesman said this about the date of the spending review:

The exact timing is a matter for the Chancellor and he will set out his position in a future pre-budget report and budget.

A clear indication as any we will get that Mandy over stepped the mark on Today earlier.

No question that the announcements on the delay to the spending review and the part sell-off of Royal Mail were intended to buried by Brown’s big re-launch.  The problem is that Mandy has rather stolen the agenda, first with his FT interview and then on Today.

It would seem obvious, but why was it decided that Mandy would give his FT interview before Brown fired off the election campaign starting gun.  It would have been better if the burying of the bad news had come after Brown’s announcement, so not to overshadow our failed leader’s  big day.  The co-ordination of the No10 spin operation has backfired rather badly.

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