26 June 2009

Does Brown think the G20 failed?

You remember the days when Brown believed he was walking on water and the world came to pay homage to him in London?  That is right, the long forgotten G20 submit.

Here are his opening words from his speech today on climate change:

There are very few moments in history when nations are summoned to common decisions that will reshape the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet for generations to come. When leaders have to consider not just what will deliver fairness in their generation, but fairness between the generations too.

•  the creation of the Bretton Woods architecture of the post-war economy

•  the Marshall Plan that rebuilt the post-war economy of Europe.

No mention of the G20.  What is a matter with you man.  You're losing your touch.

Perhaps Brown is suffering from short-term memory loss, or maybe he is being honest for once and that the G20 wasn't that memorable after all.

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